Co-scriptwriter / Actor

Gute Nacht

Scriptwriter, director : Elie Girard
Short movie (4 min 15 sec, Super 16, colours)
Production Ecole Louis Lumière – 03/2006

After about 30 days in quarantine because he is thought to have a dangerous virus, Werner returns to his village. He tries to convince the villagers to open their doors to him because the winter is rough and food is scarce. This movie was filmed in German.

Director, film editor Elie GIRARD / Scriptwriter Elie GIRARD and Julien DAILLERE / Cast Julien DAILLERE / Director of photography Camille DURIN / Cameraman Céline TRICART / 1st assistant Olivier JACQUIN / Script Florent GAUCHER / Electricians-machinists David CTIBORSKY, Marie OUDIN, Dorian BLANC / Make-up artist Fantine CASSAGNE / Sound design and editor Aline GUILLARD, Simon CACHEUX, François CLOS, Sabrina FELGUEIRAS / Translation (FR->GE) Julien DAILLERE with some help from Andreas GÖMMEL

Movie directed and displayed as part of Elie Girard’s studies at École Louis Lumière.