Scriptwriter / Director / Actor

L’Europe des négociations, dur constat

Scriptwriter, director Julien Daillère
Video (3 min 36 sec, DVD, colours)
Auto-production – 09/2004

Edouard Bois, a young unlucky author-director, wants to take part in a festival with the documentary short film that he has just made: “The Europe of negotiations, a harsh reality”. Unfortunately, the copy of his film is blocked by the Estonian Post.
Entering chaotic negotiations, Edouard Bois decides nevertheless to give it a try…

Filmed on DVD
This video was recorded without film or tape. We simply plugged a mini-DV camera into a TV, which was connected to a DVR. We then started a DVD recording with the DVR. The “editing” was done real time, simply by using the “pause” button on the DVR. The fade-to-black was done using a halogen lamp.

Scriptwriter, director, actor, “editor”
Julien DAILLERE / Cameraman Rémy CORTESI / Whistling Rémy CORTESI and Julien DAILLERE.

This video was a command by Festival Négociné after the 1st prize won with “Vidéo-Négo” the year before.
2006 : “Carte blanche à Julien Daillère” offered by Cistellusne / Pub Les Souffleurs, Paris / Métazone TV at La Moquette, Paris / Festival Négociné, Paris.