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Workshop “Quiche Home Nous” : Cooking decorated quiches

cooking and culinary decoration

For several years, I have been cooking French quiches to thank my hosts while traveling, to greet friends at home meetings or to celebrate. Little by little, I started decorating them with slices of tomatoes, peanuts, puff pastry, etc. In February 2018, I animated my first workshop “Quiche Home Nous” during a Café des enfants, in Anis Gras, le lieu de l’autre, in Arcueil, France. I now propose these workshops, adapted according to the public (adults and / or children) and the context (solo or in connection with particular events).

Three stages: three kinds of workshops
A workshop “Quiche Home We” includes three stages: making puff pastry, making the quiche, decorating it. Depending on the desires and the logistical constraints, the workshop can begin at one or another of these stages. For example, the workshop offered to children can be limited to the stage of decoration on a half-cooked quiche.

1 / Making puff pastry: the tempera (flour + water + salt) is made, it has rested one hour cool, it is ready for use. This stage involves incorporating the butter and making six turns on the rolling pin. Duration: 1h30, with a parallel activity during the rest periods of the dough (it can be the occasion of readings, discussions, a creative workshop in parallel).

2 / Making the quiche (vegetarian): the puff pastry is ready for use. This stage involves cutting and pre-cooking the vegetables and incorporating them into the base (eggs, cream, grated cheese, spices). Different vegetables can be used: carrots, zucchinis, pumpkins, spinach, etc. and onions (deglazed with balsamic vinegar for the taste!). Everything is then poured onto the puff pastry which has been pre-cooked during this time. Duration: 1h + 20 minutes cooking for the next step.

3 / Decoration of the quiche: according to a preliminary drawing or directly with the elements of decoration, by me (in case of young children) or by the participants themselves, we put slices of tomatoes (or peppers, carots…), pieces of puff pastry, peanuts, olives, etc. on the quiche. Duration: variable time, 10 to 30 minutes per participant, all together or in small groups.

The cooking time that follows the decoration goes from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the oven used.
Then: enjoying the quiche together!