Co-scriptwriter / Actor
Article paru dans La République du Centre / 2007

Entre nous

Director Clovis libert
Scriptwriter Clovis Libert and Julien Daillère
Short movie (8 min, DV, kit mini35)
Production Les films du Golgotha – 2006

In this short film, I play the role of Stéphane, a schizophrenic man who has an ambiguous relationship with the memory of his deceased wife. During the film, he gradually slips into the character of his wife…

Scriptwriter Clovis Libert and Julien Daillère, adapted from an original idea by Clovis Libert / Director Clovis Libert / Cast Julien Daillère / Film editor Clovis Libert, Olivier Ziel / Sound engineer and editor Arnaud Banvillet / Set design Gaelle Touati / Make-up artist Julien Daillère / Paintings Jay Kyro-Julien Daillère

2008 : Short movie program by MJC Louis Lepage at Nogent-sur-Marne.
2007 : Festival vidéo d’Orléans. Grand Prix du Jury Jeunes with mention acting.
2006 : “Carte blanche” offered by Cistellusne. Pub Les Souffleurs, Paris. The whole program here!

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